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van den Heuvel
(that is:  first name "Jan", last name "van den Heuvel")

Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics
London School of Economics and Political Science
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE
United Kingdom
Tel:  (+44)-(0)20-7955 7632
Office at the LSE:  COL 3.07 (Columbia House) (see this LSE page for a map)
Member of the Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms group in the Department.
Closely connected with the Operations Research group.

Teaching 2018/19


My research interests include:
  • combinatorics and discrete mathematics in general;
  • graph theory (and related concepts such as matroids) in particular;
  • discrete algorithms and complexity theory;
  • combinatorial optimisation;
  • applications of graph theory to telecommunications (frequency assignment problems, network connectivity).
Links with information related to my research activities:

PhD Students

I have successfully supervised seven PhD students so far:
  • Snezana Pejic (April 2008) on Algebraic Graph Theory in the Analysis of Frequency Assignment Problems;
  • Luis Cereceda (June 2008) on Mixing Graph Colourings;
  • Viresh Patel (May 2009) (joint supervision with Graham Brightwell) on Partitions of Combinatorial Structures;
  • Somkiat (Nantapath) Trakultraipruk (May 2013) on Connectivity Properties of Some Transformation Graphs;
  • David Ferguson (September 2013) (joint supervision with Jozef Skokan) on Topics in Graph Colouring and Graph Structures;
  • Alexey Pokrovskiy (November 2013) (joint supervision with Jozef Skokan) on Graph Powers, Partitioning and other Extremal Problems;
  • Daniel Quiroz (October 2017) on Chromatic and Structural Properties of Sparse Graph Classes.
I am currently supervising two PhD students: Stanislav Kučera and Xinyi Xu.

If you are interested in starting PhD research with me, feel free to send me an email. More official information about studying for a PhD in the Mathematics Department at the LSE, how to apply, etc., can be found on the page on PhD and MPhil in Mathematics.

And anybody considering continuing for a PhD should read the NewScientist's The PhD journey: how to choose a good supervisor.

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