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van den Heuvel
(that is:  first name "Jan", last name "van den Heuvel")

Professor of Mathematics

Head of Department

Department of Mathematics
London School of Economics and Political Science
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE
United Kingdom
Tel:  (+44)-(0)20-7955 7625
Office at the LSE:  COL 3.07 (Columbia House) (see this LSE page for a map)



My research interests include:
  • combinatorics and discrete mathematics in general;
  • graph theory (and related concepts such as matroids) in particular;
  • discrete algorithms and complexity theory;
  • combinatorial optimisation;
  • applications of graph theory to telecommunications (frequency assignment problems, network connectivity).
Links with information related to my research activities: Some other activities connected to my life as a research mathematician:

PhD Students

I have successfully supervised six PhD students so far:
  • Snezana Pejic (April 2008) on Algebraic Graph Theory in the Analysis of Frequency Assignment Problems;
  • Luis Cereceda (June 2008) on Mixing Graph Colourings;
  • Viresh Patel (May 2009) (joint supervision with Graham Brightwell) on Partitions of Combinatorial Structures;
  • Somkiat Trakultraipruk (May 2013) on Connectivity Properties of Some Transformation Graphs;
  • David Ferguson (September 2013) (joint supervision with Jozef Skokan) on Topics in Graph Colouring and Graph Structures;
  • Alexey Pokrovskiy (November 2013) (joint supervision with Jozef Skokan) on Graph Powers, Partitioning and other Extremal Problems.
I am currently supervising one PhD student: Daniel Quiroz.

If you are interested in starting PhD research with me, feel free to send me an email. More official information about studying for a PhD in the Mathematics Department at the LSE, how to apply, etc., can be found on the page on PhD and MPhil in Mathematics.

And anybody considering continuing for a PhD should read the NewScientist's The PhD journey: how to choose a good supervisor.

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