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MA201: Further Mathematical Methods (Linear Algebra)

This is how the course looked back in 2002...

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Course Materials

From this page, you can access the course materials for MA201, including handouts, problem sheets and past examination papers (with solutions in some cases).


Click on the links below to get past handouts in PDF-format:

The Course Guide
Lecture 1 hand-out: "Vector Spaces"
Lecture 2 hand-out: "Other Useful Concepts"
Lecture 3 hand-out: "Linear Transformations"
Lecture 7 hand-out: "An Introduction to Spectral Theory" (Not distributed in lectures!)
Lecture 8 hand-out: "Age-Specific Population Growth"
Lecture 9 and 10 hand-out: "Population Dynamics, Steady States and Stability"
Lecture 11 hand-out: "`Special' Real and Complex Matrices"
Lecture 18 hand-out: "Weak Generalised Inverses"
Lecture 19 hand-out: "Strong Generalised Inverses"
Lecture 20 hand-out: "Singular Values Decomposition" (Not examinable.)

Problem Sheets

Click on the links below to get past problem sheets in PDF-format:

Problem Sheet 1
Problem Sheet 2
Problem Sheet 3
Problem Sheet 4
Problem Sheet 5
Problem Sheet 6
Problem Sheet 7
Problem Sheet 8
Problem Sheet 9
Problem Sheet 10

Solution Sheets

Click on the links below to get past solution sheets in PDF (and sometimes Postscript) format:

Solutions to Problem Sheet 1
Solutions to Problem Sheet 2
Solutions to Problem Sheet 3
Solutions to Problem Sheet 4
Solutions to Problem Sheet 5
Solutions to Problem Sheet 6
Solutions to Problem Sheet 7
Solutions to Problem Sheet 8
Solutions to Problem Sheet 9
Solutions to Problem Sheet 10

Past Examination Papers

Click on the links below to get past examination papers in PDF-format. The years available are:
1999 Solutions to the 1999 examination
2000 Solutions to the 2000 examination
2001 Solutions to the 2001 examination
2002 Solutions to the 2002 examination

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